JACLP ( Centrifugal Process )

JACLP ( Centrifugal Process ) Series lined pumps are top of the line pumps for handling highly corrosive fluids including high temperature services. Hi-tech lining process is employed to manufacturer defect free components. These pumps can virtually replace expensive Hastelloy Haetelloy-C and ceramic lined pumps at affordable price. Dimension Standard - ISO 2858 and Design Standard- ISO 5199

Capacity - Q- up to : 3 400 M / hr
TDH- H- up to : 100 MLC
Temprature up to 260°C (PFA) / up to 180°C (FEP) / up to 120°C (PVDF)

  • For Pumping Corrosive Acids, Alkalies, Oil, Solvents etc.
  • For Process industries like Chemical, Paper, Pharma, Refineries, Fertilizer etc.
  • Available in PFA, FEP & PVDF
  • Semi-open, Dynamically balanced impeller accepts various seal arrangements
  • Wetted parts are offered in various polymer materials